Haha get it “ketchup” cause I need to catch up with you guys. Okay yeah that was pretty corny but whatever. Just thought I’d update you. I am so so so sorry about not really posting what I usually do. I’ve mostly posted videos and homework assignments because one of my classes wanted me to make a wordpress blog, but since I already have this one I didn’t see the point of making a new one. I didn’t know she would assign so much to put on my personal blog and its really messing up the balance of things on but its almost over so no worries. Putting my homework and classwork on my website is really annoying me too. Other then that I’ve been really busy. I have alot of work at school, and looking for a job, and I have a boyfriend. Now I can explain, I use to hate with a passion when girls would use their boyfriends as an excuse why they were so busy. But when I do rarely have free time I usually spend it with him, boyfriends are time consuming people! lol okay thats it just thought I’d share. I am soooo grateful everyday about how much love my site has gotten, I think I’m a C list blogger now haha

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