thoughts & theories part 2 (portfolio peice 3)

Everyone knows the saying Carpe Diem, well not everyone. If you don’t it means “seize the day” in Latin, basically. Simply live each day like your last. It’s a very broad statement, confusing to some, inspiring to others. I cleary remember when I discovered such a saying. My 9th grade history teach Mr. Weber said it & ever since I’ve became obsessed. He also said “let it be” alot of had William Shoe-ster looks so anything he said I was kind of obsessed with but the point is I’ve lived by that single everyday since. To me it basically means, lifes to short for regrets dammit! End of story, no questions asked. Life if you think about it is really short, high school goes by fast, and life goes by faster. By the time we realize we haven’t done the things in life we really wanted to do its too late. Look at each day of your life, and if there’s any day that you truly regret you’re not livin Carpe Diem style. Even the worst moments I don’t regret, the best times I always remember, and the people who make my life difficult I forgot them and move on to the people I love. I’m a really positive person because of this carpe diem attitude I’ve adopted. I’m not saying live life and don’t look at the consequences, but look at them. If I can’t find a reason why not to do something I’m gonna do it ha! Carpe Diem, seize the damn day :] That’s all I’m saying really.

P.S. I absolutely plan on getting carpe Diem tattooed on my wrist or back when I’m 18

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