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i’m bueno.

How in the world did I get 18,000 hits on this site??? That’s crazy you guys thank you so much, I really apperciate all my readers and all the support and feedback I get more then you know. I know I tend to not put too much thought into my blog as alot of “A” list bloggers do (as I like to call them) but I am perfectly happy with being a “C” list blogger. I always said I know I’m successful when my blog ends up in teen vouge or something, but now I don’t think so. I know my blog is sucessful when I’m happy with what I’m writing and with who is reading and I am! I’ve met alot of intresting people and learned alot of intresting things from having fuzzyneonllama for the past 3 years. You’ve guys listened my adventures and watched me morph and grow up. I went from scene girl confromist or what the hell I was trying to be (LOL!) to idunno just ME, a christian vegiatrian class of 2012 strange music lover mexican candy obsessed and intanst netflix addicted blogger and ever since I can remember I’ve been poppin my collar :] Haha other then that my family had been well, my friends have been fine, school has been good, boyfriend have been awesome, and God is always good, so lifes bueno.

P.S. I know a rarely put pictures of me on here so here is a recent one, a bit blurry but I like

I’m having Dexter withdrawl…

I’ve watched season 1-3 on instant netflix, now please dear god can someone bring me the rest, I’m a Dexter addict and now I’m itchin’ for more.


can a drummer get some!?

I’ve always loved good rap music. Let me repeat that GOOD, not that waka flacka whatever and t pain stuff. Ew no. I am a child of the 90’s my mom is a child of the age of the birth of hip hop. I was in my mothers womb listening to the beastie boys and grew up in a house listening to de la soul and outkast. Not many artisit out now I like, I’m a big fan of Kanye West and Kid Cudi and Asher Roth but that abouts it for new school artist. I’ll always love The Beastie Boys though. like I’ve been in love with Kid Cudi and B.O.B’s collabs with artist that lots of people wouldnt except them to work with lately. When I discovered this song on twitter I instantly loved it. Blink 182’s famously tattooed drumer Travis Barker is releasing a mix tape, called “can a drummer get some” Here’s the track Plus Travis Barker is super hot so give it a listen :]

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I just need 150 words to posssibly get a $15,000 scholarship, simple right? Eh no. I have the biggest writers block in the world right now! So I figured blogging will help my brain kinda jumpstart on what to write about. I have to just a small paragraph about my acadmeic or proffesional goals. “Igotthisssss” I think but no I poop, brain fart ah! I know what my professional goals are to become a world wide well known super loved famous journalist. I mean well there are not many journalist out there who are that popular, but the ones that are I plan on being bigger then them. I want to be a journalism rockstar lol. This didn’t really help, but its a start I need to go think or something so I can get this scholarship essay done. Thanks for listening you guys.

“your no fun cause its a legal download”

Haha as my friend said, yes its a LEGAL download of one of my very good friend “Duece B” mixtape, I believe this is his third one and I love all of them, he’s really really talented and suggest you find him on to just take a listen to download his new mixtape stat cause he’s mad talented :]

kay thanks bya!


Woke up with that “what happened last night?” look on my face, after about 2 minutes of convincing myself to get up a 1:35pm I think “oh yeah I remember, haha.” Happy New Years everyone! I am so very excited for the new year, and the new adventure that are yet to come. Every year I say “this year is going to better then the last I just know it”. For each year has its up and downs that are as well as eventful as the last, and just a bit better but I know for certain 2011 is already in my favor. I woke up to a text message that just ozzed out drama, oh no. I am not doing drama that has anything to do with “that person” (as in my ex) this year, I refuse to, he will not ruin my 2011 or I will punch him in the face lol. The great  thing about new years eve was when I went to the park with my boyfriend and I got that magical midnight kiss I have always wanted since I was a little girl. It was everything I hope for and imagined, and I even thanked him for making that finally come true for me ha. Lets seee new years eve, that was dancing with my best friend, messing with my boyfriend, seeing alot of friends, and lots of glitter involved. In the wise words of one of my best friend rody, “Alright guys I’m sleepy drunk and choking on firework smoke I promise Ill be a better friend this year and hope you enjoy 2011 cause we might die next year” lol, well in the words of myself bye guys I gotta go get all this glitter of my face!

2011 resolutions

-get atleast a 3.5 GPA (3.8 would be better!)
-regain my confidence
-give back somehow
-be more open to making more friends!

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