Woke up with that “what happened last night?” look on my face, after about 2 minutes of convincing myself to get up a 1:35pm I think “oh yeah I remember, haha.” Happy New Years everyone! I am so very excited for the new year, and the new adventure that are yet to come. Every year I say “this year is going to better then the last I just know it”. For each year has its up and downs that are as well as eventful as the last, and just a bit better but I know for certain 2011 is already in my favor. I woke up to a text message that just ozzed out drama, oh no. I am not doing drama that has anything to do with “that person” (as in my ex) this year, I refuse to, he will not ruin my 2011 or I will punch him in the face lol. The great  thing about new years eve was when I went to the park with my boyfriend and I got that magical midnight kiss I have always wanted since I was a little girl. It was everything I hope for and imagined, and I even thanked him for making that finally come true for me ha. Lets seee new years eve, that was dancing with my best friend, messing with my boyfriend, seeing alot of friends, and lots of glitter involved. In the wise words of one of my best friend rody, “Alright guys I’m sleepy drunk and choking on firework smoke I promise Ill be a better friend this year and hope you enjoy 2011 cause we might die next year” lol, well in the words of myself bye guys I gotta go get all this glitter of my face!

2011 resolutions

-get atleast a 3.5 GPA (3.8 would be better!)
-regain my confidence
-give back somehow
-be more open to making more friends!

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