can a drummer get some!?

I’ve always loved good rap music. Let me repeat that GOOD, not that waka flacka whatever and t pain stuff. Ew no. I am a child of the 90’s my mom is a child of the age of the birth of hip hop. I was in my mothers womb listening to the beastie boys and grew up in a house listening to de la soul and outkast. Not many artisit out now I like, I’m a big fan of Kanye West and Kid Cudi and Asher Roth but that abouts it for new school artist. I’ll always love The Beastie Boys though. like I’ve been in love with Kid Cudi and B.O.B’s collabs with artist that lots of people wouldnt except them to work with lately. When I discovered this song on twitter I instantly loved it. Blink 182’s famously tattooed drumer Travis Barker is releasing a mix tape, called “can a drummer get some” Here’s the track Plus Travis Barker is super hot so give it a listen :]

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