i’m bueno.

How in the world did I get 18,000 hits on this site??? That’s crazy you guys thank you so much, I really apperciate all my readers and all the support and feedback I get more then you know. I know I tend to not put too much thought into my blog as alot of “A” list bloggers do (as I like to call them) but I am perfectly happy with being a “C” list blogger. I always said I know I’m successful when my blog ends up in teen vouge or something, but now I don’t think so. I know my blog is sucessful when I’m happy with what I’m writing and with who is reading and I am! I’ve met alot of intresting people and learned alot of intresting things from having fuzzyneonllama for the past 3 years. You’ve guys listened my adventures and watched me morph and grow up. I went from scene girl confromist or what the hell I was trying to be (LOL!) to idunno just ME, a christian vegiatrian class of 2012 strange music lover mexican candy obsessed and intanst netflix addicted blogger and ever since I can remember I’ve been poppin my collar :] Haha other then that my family had been well, my friends have been fine, school has been good, boyfriend have been awesome, and God is always good, so lifes bueno.

P.S. I know a rarely put pictures of me on here so here is a recent one, a bit blurry but I like

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