Jeremey Scott is a genius. period.

I’ve always been a big huge fan of Marc Jacobs. Now of course were talking about the Jermey Scott here but let me continue, if your unaware who he is the best I can suggest  is to google him and the list of celebs who love his designs, as my explation of the man and his clothing are not worthy of much. And if you don’t know who Marc Jacobs is what rock have you been hiding under!? Anyways, my point I love Marc Jacobs designs because it very fashionably peculiar in a way. Some of his designs you have to real confidence to wear and work daily. If I could afford it now I so would. Now Jermey Scott takes this same idea and just turns in up 150 watts, probably more. I saw some of his designs and was blown away but the creativity, and intansatly thought only crazy person would wear that and only a crazier person would designs it and in an odd way I love it! I’m not bashing him at all, I’m praising that I’ve discovered another rare designer who has steped out of he box of whats in style in stepped into what he wants to make, and what everyone wishes they would be bold to wear. Ladies & gentleman, Mr. Jermey Scott.

and check out these super amazing sneakers he designed that gots lots of people talking

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