At the moment I’m waiting for my 9am college class to start, so I thought I would blog. There is LOTS going on and just wanted to update you guys on some stuff you’ll be seeing really soon. Spring Break is in less then a week! Ohmygod I’m excited because I’m going to South by South West which is just one of the biggest events of the year in music and media. Giant music festival media mix palooza thing, I’ve been literally looking forward to is since I found out my PR mom got passes to go. If you want to know more about it just go to (they didn’t pay me to say that I just really love south by okay? okay. ) So I’m going to be doing tons of vlogging, and blogging, and a whole lot of tweeting. If you want to know what I’m doing or where I am definately keep your eyes on my twitter feed, and I’m doing my first meet up yay! The meet up is mostly for my youtube subscribers, but I would reallllly love if my fuzzyneonllama fans would come out to! It’s really funny and unreal seeing how far Fuzzyneonllama has come, its still my baby and the fact that is has so much attention and views is so freggin amazing! Okay class starts soon Bye!

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