keepin it weird.

This is my 4th day and Austin, and it’s been more entertaining people watching then going to events. Literally you guys, a man just walked by me wearing a fedora and a kilt, and that wasn’t the weirdest thing I saw here at all. Ha, I quite enjoy the vibe though, South by South West is alot diffrent then I thought. It’s full of all kinds of diffrent people here for all kinds of diffrent things. Prepsters, geeks, punks, skaters, hippies, and of course the hipsters. There’s been a pretty good amount of all these types of people that me and @JennTex have made a game out of it. The massive amount of hipsters though is a bit overwhelming.  I have nothing against hipsters and I’m pretty sure at times I try to be one. I’ve also made a game out of finding as many buttons and stickers as humany possible, and if I found more then 12 @JennTex would by me an honorary hipster piece. A fedora. And why yes I won with a total of 21. I sadly haven’t been to any music events because of them at a 1am or for 18+. But not all was I lost as I got to go  to the ultimate geek center, Screen Burn arcade meca, and I’m off to the digital trade show then to meet the founder of TOMS shoes later on today. Just wanted to take the time to blog and share a few pictures, more coming soon.

The Super odd kinda creepy network connection names I found while sitting in the convention center. Austin is just weird. but I love it :]

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