overdue UPDATE!

Holy guacamole I have not posted in freggin forever! I really want to apologize to all my readers, I hate it when I don’t have time to blog and I know alot of you guys probably do too, so I’m really really sorry. Junior year is seriously no joke, and has been the hardest academic year of my life. Lot of things have happened since I’ve last posted, and I’ve had all these amazing ideas and concepts and new things I want to try and see how you guys will like them, all sitting a fat ole’ FNL folder on my laptop, but just have not had ANY time AT ALL. Luckily I am finished with drivers ed, I took my SAT’s, and all I have left for the rest of the school year is finals and state testing. After those I am back on here! I’m going to make a HUGE effort to blog almost everyday during the summer. Since not much is going on for me this summer. I will be in Costa Rica for 2 weeks ( so excited!) but thats the only time I’ll be traveling this year. Also for those who aren’t aware and i know alot of people were wondering, I did indeed delete the fuzzyneonllama you tube channel. But let me explain! It got hacked & then I got it back but then it got hacked again, it was just really annoying how long I didn’t have access to it & I didn’t have time to make videos anyways so its just gone.  I  font want to babble for too long but just giving you this long overdue update. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE 25,000 VIEWS, AMAZING!

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