in my mind its already summer…

There’s one more month of school left, but seeing how I’m pretty much done with all this testing and projects at school my mind is already clocked out, and I’m ready for summer. I literally live for the summers, seriously live for it. The hellish heat, the boring days, and adventurous nights , the fashion, the feel, the taste drives me through the  9 months its not summer. Here are some of the things I know for sure I need and want to get to start the summer off right.

1. Fedora – that thing is going to be glued on my head when I go to Costa Rica in july

2. Dexter season 3- 6 – I pretty much just need every season of Dexter ever cause I’m obsessed with that show :]

3. Hair skin, & nails vitamins- I will not damage my hair anymore & grow it out dammit!

4. Stila illuminating powder foundation refill- I’ll do a post on it soon, but I’m almost out & its just the most perfect foundation for hot weather

5. a load of shorts and button down shirts, even though I already have like 20 I need more, thats my summer uniform

6. Fugi Finepix S700- I’ve needed a new camera forever, after researching dozens this one is perfect for me

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