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this is no way shape or form blows.

Cady Groves can make the most annoying overplayed Ke$ha song into a sound like real music, I have loved her since I saw her at Bamboozle last summer I love her I will forever her. (twitter: @CadyGroves)

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swag 2.

In december I did a post about an image of a adorable little that i found when I randomly googled the word swag & it got alot of attention. I think little cute kids with swag is just like a thing now on this site, because its still one of my most viewed post. Well I found another one! Haha enjoy. (I actually think its the same kid just a bit older)


the backless sweater.

I love Whitney Ports entire look here, as she’s running errand in LA. She’s one of those people who was designed for Hollister and Abcrombie type typical conformist clothes, but she really has a style of her own. So many people have been on and off the “boho chic” trend but she looks like she lives in a van parked at Woodstock in 1964, and thats not a bad thing! I don’t know where each of her peices are from, but sunglasses kind of look like they are from nicole richies clothing line The Row. And I believe the sweater is a Whitney Eve design. Something I definately want to get my hand on for the summer.

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Tell it to the volcano.

Hello you guys! So I’m just sitting in my room its about 1am, and I’m listening to Miniature Tigers, Tell it To the Volcano. I can’t stop listening to this album & badly singly along, its just simply superb. I’ll probably talk about them in a post later but for now I’m just enjoying a nothing to do summer night, with Queen Helene Mint Mask on my face and scooby doo fruit snacks by my side. I thought being 17 now would be much more eventful then it has been so far but I’m fine. Ah theres a giant moth in my room! Like I was saying, yeah so far nothing eventful and exciting has yet to happen but maybe its too early. I mean it was just my birthday last week no rush. I was looking at some of my favorite blogs (fashion toast, sea of shoes, fashion filth, ect.) and I so one day want to have a blog that is on their level. I am like a C list blog, which I am very proud of, don’t get me wrong I’ve happy here because I’ve worked very hard to FNL just this much attention. However it would be nice to idk one day to I dunno… get the blog lovin blogger of the year award. Now that would be surely superb & more. I’m going to try to be more interactive on here, with pictures and figuring out what kind of post you guys like. I’m usually throw out a post and its just sink or swim after that, you either like it or you dont. I like not being just one ” type ” of blog and being able to be many in one but FNL needs some kind of connection and flow. Please leave me feed back & comments on what you thinks thanks :]

lifes too short to wear boring clothes.

(this isnt me by the way but I love her videos)

Birthday Blog

My birthday was actually on the 17th, ahaha turning 17 on the 17th still makes me chuckle, however I had a really great birthday. I celebrated from Thrusday to Saturday. Thursday was bruch with a few friends, and it was crazier then I expected. Lets just say 4 of my friends ended up half naked, and I’ll stop there lol. Then Friday, my best friend and I did some much needed retail therapy. Even though its called “birthday money
 and its meant to be spent without feeling guilty I only went to 3 stores, didnt buy that much and still felt really bad about it ha. I went to sephora and got some really cool stuff, finally got benefit earse paste and creaseless cream shawdow, which I’m very excited about. Then I went to Target and splurged a bit, but my favorite thing I got for my birthday was the star shorts I bought (pic above ) from Shasa, my favorite shorts ever now! And my favorite gift was that I got the Marvel 70th anniversary collection filled with like 70 of the best comics,so thats makes me happy. Ok moving on Satuday I went to the beach with my best friend, and my attempt to give her a sucessful tan gave her a successful sunburn that I feel so bad about, so sorry best friend! Now I know tanning oil is evil. Ha okay well that was my birthday. Sixteen was a great year, now we’ll see what age 17 had in store for me.

(oh yeah & I got the Miniatre Tigers- Tell it to the volcano album, its awesome as always)

I want…


I was recently on (which I’m now obessed with, my username is anaedouard) and I found this, I will swap whatever for it, its gorgeous!