X-men first class:cause & effect

I don’t usually do movie reviews but watching X-men First Class I had somewhat a creative epiphany. Most super hero, super villians stories  consist of some simple flying powers, somehow super awesome natural fighting teqniques, good guy vs bad guy, simple stuff that will entertain any  nerdy hipster soul. However, X-men first class made me really wonder how, “do they come up with this stuff?” , “who would think of such a creative plot line and unthinkable ablities?” , and “what are they on and how do I get some!?”. But seriously, it’s incredible to me the people who thought of that story , the writers mostly. Stan Lee is either a complete creative writing genius who’s brain must be thinking of crazy amazing things 24/7 to come with such odd characters and powers. Or a maniac. As a writer, I really can’t wrap my head around how they do this. Every writer gets writers block, but I bet in between their brain farts they have these thoughts, “lets give him the power to have a super loud whistle or scream that can make him fly, and break glass, and  so many other things”. Or “lets combine real life nuclear events with our story of a mutant misunderstanding”. Genius! I inspire to do with these guys do. Write in a way that makes my audience have a …. a …… see just got a brain fart, it happens lol! An experience. Overall the movie was  way better then I expected. It wasn’t one of those movies that I had to go see, I was just offered to go see it and I’m very glad i did. Matthew Vaughn did an incredible job, as always. He’s one of my favorite directors, of course that is only because he directed one of my favorite movies, Kick Ass.  He did a beautitful job on X-men first class. His cinemaphotography is absolutey gorgeous, and the gorey violent scenes were messy but actually appeared very crisp and clean, and he did the same trick in Kick Ass, so I  absolutely him give kudos. Another thing I reallly liked was Jame’s McAvoy, I’m not a big fan of his because I haven’t seen many of his films, probably not any. He played young Proffessor X very well though, and let me go back to being a girl and mention how hot he is, woo he is also gorgeous and a very good actor. That definitely added to how much I liked the movie. Kevin Bacon as the bad guy, was cool too but I whole time I couldn’t stop thinking about him in footloose, and thats just not evil! Haha okay I’m done, thanks for reading. ( These kind of post make me remember why I love writing )

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