Birthday Blog

My birthday was actually on the 17th, ahaha turning 17 on the 17th still makes me chuckle, however I had a really great birthday. I celebrated from Thrusday to Saturday. Thursday was bruch with a few friends, and it was crazier then I expected. Lets just say 4 of my friends ended up half naked, and I’ll stop there lol. Then Friday, my best friend and I did some much needed retail therapy. Even though its called “birthday money
 and its meant to be spent without feeling guilty I only went to 3 stores, didnt buy that much and still felt really bad about it ha. I went to sephora and got some really cool stuff, finally got benefit earse paste and creaseless cream shawdow, which I’m very excited about. Then I went to Target and splurged a bit, but my favorite thing I got for my birthday was the star shorts I bought (pic above ) from Shasa, my favorite shorts ever now! And my favorite gift was that I got the Marvel 70th anniversary collection filled with like 70 of the best comics,so thats makes me happy. Ok moving on Satuday I went to the beach with my best friend, and my attempt to give her a sucessful tan gave her a successful sunburn that I feel so bad about, so sorry best friend! Now I know tanning oil is evil. Ha okay well that was my birthday. Sixteen was a great year, now we’ll see what age 17 had in store for me.

(oh yeah & I got the Miniatre Tigers- Tell it to the volcano album, its awesome as always)

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