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RIP Ms. Winehouse

I seriously thought it was a joke when I was informed via text message from a friend that Amy Whinehouse had passed away Sunday July 24th, 2011  Her sound was unclassifable in the music industry and I will miss her music dearly. I distinctly remember when I was 13 years  old living in Long Beach and saw heard Amy Whinehouse’s hit song, Rehab on tv. Then I ran into the living room and was surprised to see such a small woman with a big voice and big hair and crazy cool eyeliner. I feel in love with the song and couldn’t stop singing around the house having no idea of its context.   Since I heard about the sad news I now haven’t been able to stop singing Back to Black, one of my favorite songs by her out of many that will live in her fans heart forever. You will be dearly missed Ms. Whinehouse.



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I’m back!

So I just typed like a whole good 5 paragraph post about my trip to Costa Rica, and whats coming on and I realized how awkward and unlike me it sounded. I’m sorry if my blogs are a little off lately I’m quite rusty-er (is that a word!?) then I thought I would be, soooo my apologies ahead of time. It been ahwhile since I’m dedicated most of my time to FNL, but I only have one month of summer left and my goal this whole summer was to really have FNL take off in the blogging world. I’ve mentioned before I am happy that I’ve reached even becoming a C list blogger, but I love this to death and really want it to reach more people but of course only if its intresting. So all I’ve been trying to do is make FNL more intresting, which is also harder then I thought. Anyway I was in Costa Rica for 10 days & just wanted to share a few pictures and there is a Costa Rica Haul on the Fuzzyneonllama youtube channel , ironically I couldnt get that user name so check it out at . enjoy & pura vida!


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Transformers 3 Review

ALRIGHT! So I finally saw it, yes the so hyped about Transformers 3. I will admit I was dying to see, since I am a huge tranformers fan. Seriously you guys dont understand how huge of a fan I am, I have watched the  previous movies about 50 times each. However lets get on to what I thought of this one. I don’t ever review movies unless I really have something to say about it, and this one I have something to say…. it surpringly wasnt awesome. I was a bit disppointed actually. Of course not with the special effects & action scenes because there no doubt those are always amazing and what really attract people to the Transformers movies. I was disappointed the the story line, of course it tied in to the last one but there was just way to much going on. There were like 4 movies in one, and it was hard to keep up on what the problem and who the hero was. Though there was a really cool surprisinging kind of “OMG!” part in the movie that made the plot a little more intrested and kind of tied them all together so it was terrible but not my favorite. My main turn off’s about Transformers 3 wasthe movie lagged for soooooo long, it was about 3 and a half hours and the about half of that time was spent between him and Shia LeBoufes new gf in the movie, who I actually really liked dispite my disapproval of Meghan Fox getting kicked off. Last thing, I wasnt a big fan of the new filming style they did, the cinemaphotography was amazing as always but the shots so choppy & shaky, plus the kept doing this black out the screen for 30 seconds thing to add a dramatic effect, it really wasnt necessary. Transformers 2 is still my favorite, and oddly this one is my moms favorite, but I did enjoy & it looks really cool 3D.

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Stars & Stripes, oh my!


Other then Halloween it seems like July 4th, is the only day where its apporiate to dress a little less and a little more daring then usual. Who knew the birthday of a nation would soon bring a the creation the Jeffery Campbells famous stars & stripes lita platform wedges, the an american flag bikini, and of course we cant forget the stary shorts & shirts. I actually love July 4th for this exact reason though. It how we girls in our own special way celebrate and show how much we love the US of A. And judging from how this stars and stripes tell is still even very popular not on independe day, I’m guessing the American people dont mind.

Heres one of the first new videos on the offical youtube page and my special independence day outfit enjoy!

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