Transformers 3 Review

ALRIGHT! So I finally saw it, yes the so hyped about Transformers 3. I will admit I was dying to see, since I am a huge tranformers fan. Seriously you guys dont understand how huge of a fan I am, I have watched the  previous movies about 50 times each. However lets get on to what I thought of this one. I don’t ever review movies unless I really have something to say about it, and this one I have something to say…. it surpringly wasnt awesome. I was a bit disppointed actually. Of course not with the special effects & action scenes because there no doubt those are always amazing and what really attract people to the Transformers movies. I was disappointed the the story line, of course it tied in to the last one but there was just way to much going on. There were like 4 movies in one, and it was hard to keep up on what the problem and who the hero was. Though there was a really cool surprisinging kind of “OMG!” part in the movie that made the plot a little more intrested and kind of tied them all together so it was terrible but not my favorite. My main turn off’s about Transformers 3 wasthe movie lagged for soooooo long, it was about 3 and a half hours and the about half of that time was spent between him and Shia LeBoufes new gf in the movie, who I actually really liked dispite my disapproval of Meghan Fox getting kicked off. Last thing, I wasnt a big fan of the new filming style they did, the cinemaphotography was amazing as always but the shots so choppy & shaky, plus the kept doing this black out the screen for 30 seconds thing to add a dramatic effect, it really wasnt necessary. Transformers 2 is still my favorite, and oddly this one is my moms favorite, but I did enjoy & it looks really cool 3D.

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