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hair adventures!

So I have thinking of a new hairstyle for awhile, my sophmore year I did so much to my hair I bleached it I cut it I damaged the crap out of it! And then my jr year I left it alone to grow and has grown a really good amount, the only thing I really did was get ombre hair. I’m the type of person who loves changing my hair and I get bored with it easily, and I’ve been thinking about shaving 3 to 4 inches back of the left side of my hair. I hated the shaved look when it came out because every one was doing but I wear my hair to the right side ALL the time, and I’m so lazy about doing it I think it would be good for me, and if I dont like it can just flip my hair to left side :]. Please let me know what you guys think thanks!

sophmore year cut about 3 inches off and bleached half of my hair blonde

junior year got extensions and ombred my hair

senior year have put extensions in it again and it just let grow




Since my summer is coming to an end in less then 3 day I thought I would do one last summer fashion post. Thanks for all the great feedback on my “boy your summer fine” series. I had alot of fun doing that instead of regular girl fashion like I usually do. But fashionable ladies are what inspire fashionable men & I just couldnt end the summer without doing a summer fashion post. Enjoy!

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“moofins”- a word used to describe an attractive male that they desire ; example: Her new boyfriend is such a moofin.

Her are some of my celebrity “moofins”. I haven’t talked about celelbrity crushes since I was 14 and had Fourteen Magazine (the blog I had before FNL) and the list has definately changed, so for entertain purposed here it is!

1. Shia LeBoufe

2. Anton Yelchin

3. Diggy Simmons

4. Daniel Radcliffe

5. Shad Moss (better known as bow wow)



Hello readers! First of all I would like to say how much I love you, I know I say it alot, and I know we don’t know eachother like that but I really do love every individual reader I have. If this is your first time visiting FNL or your 100th, doesn’t matter I super apperciate every single view, and comment I get. I hit 40,000 last week you guys. BEJESUS THATS ALOT. Thank you sooooo much you guys, but getting on before I never shut up about how thankful I am. I start school again in exactly a week, which kinda sucks but still really exciting because it is my senior year, finally! I dont believe I’ll be as busy as I was last year, so I will squeeze in time to blog every free minute that I can find. Until then I will blog this next week every blog post that I wanted to this summer that I havent gotten to yet. So I will blog you guys later!

My style.

I get lots of comments about the fashion post I do, and where I get my sense of style from and what are my favorite things to where and I never have one solid answer because my personal style is always evolving. This year I’ve been very into the 70’s vintage look, big clothes, small glasss, little to no makeup, messy hair. I’m very lazy in general so I love this look. Heres a little taste, enjoy!

Who are those guys, yeah those!?

So I’ve been holding off on posting this interview for awhile because this one my favorite hip hop duo, ever and I didn’t want to let them down. I discover ThoseGuys from a livelavalive video (which I talk about on here alot), then I looked them up more & was sadly not able to find much more video footage of Jova and J.Al or Ohio. White kid + black kid + suburb in Ohio, does not exactly say were hip hop’s next big thing, but trust me they most definitely are:

I had first heard of you guys from that hilarious livelavalive video,
how did that collaboration end up happening?
There arent many hip hop groups that are so responsive to their
fans, why do you guys take the time to talk them?
Okay, what’s greater than Those Guys Greater Thank Vol. 3 CD?
List 3 words that describe your music?
Where do you hope ThoseGuys will be in 8 years?
Who is your all time favorite old school rapper and all time favorite
new school rapper?
What song can you currently not stop listening to?
How does it feel to be almost famous? Do you guys ever get recognized
then attacked then you have to run away from all the screaming fan girls like
Bieber?I mean I would say ThoseGuys are on Bieber level now. lol :]
How has this group changed your lives?
ThoseGuys remind me ALOT of the group Chiddy Bang, did they
inspire this idea at all?
If you got the chance to collab on a song with anyone, who would it be?
Alright, last question….do you guys like chocolate milk?

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