Who are those guys, yeah those!?

So I’ve been holding off on posting this interview for awhile because this one my favorite hip hop duo, ever and I didn’t want to let them down. I discover ThoseGuys from a livelavalive video (which I talk about on here alot), then I looked them up more & was sadly not able to find much more video footage of Jova and J.Al or Ohio. White kid + black kid + suburb in Ohio, does not exactly say were hip hop’s next big thing, but trust me they most definitely are:

I had first heard of you guys from that hilarious livelavalive video,
how did that collaboration end up happening?
There arent many hip hop groups that are so responsive to their
fans, why do you guys take the time to talk them?
Okay, what’s greater than Those Guys Greater Thank Vol. 3 CD?
List 3 words that describe your music?
Where do you hope ThoseGuys will be in 8 years?
Who is your all time favorite old school rapper and all time favorite
new school rapper?
What song can you currently not stop listening to?
How does it feel to be almost famous? Do you guys ever get recognized
then attacked then you have to run away from all the screaming fan girls like
Bieber?I mean I would say ThoseGuys are on Bieber level now. lol :]
How has this group changed your lives?
ThoseGuys remind me ALOT of the group Chiddy Bang, did they
inspire this idea at all?
If you got the chance to collab on a song with anyone, who would it be?
Alright, last question….do you guys like chocolate milk?

checkthemout on yupthoseguys.com or follow them on twitter.com/yupthoseguys

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