Hello readers! First of all I would like to say how much I love you, I know I say it alot, and I know we don’t know eachother like that but I really do love every individual reader I have. If this is your first time visiting FNL or your 100th, doesn’t matter I super apperciate every single view, and comment I get. I hit 40,000 last week you guys. BEJESUS THATS ALOT. Thank you sooooo much you guys, but getting on before I never shut up about how thankful I am. I start school again in exactly a week, which kinda sucks but still really exciting because it is my senior year, finally! I dont believe I’ll be as busy as I was last year, so I will squeeze in time to blog every free minute that I can find. Until then I will blog this next week every blog post that I wanted to this summer that I havent gotten to yet. So I will blog you guys later!

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