hair adventures!

So I have thinking of a new hairstyle for awhile, my sophmore year I did so much to my hair I bleached it I cut it I damaged the crap out of it! And then my jr year I left it alone to grow and has grown a really good amount, the only thing I really did was get ombre hair. I’m the type of person who loves changing my hair and I get bored with it easily, and I’ve been thinking about shaving 3 to 4 inches back of the left side of my hair. I hated the shaved look when it came out because every one was doing but I wear my hair to the right side ALL the time, and I’m so lazy about doing it I think it would be good for me, and if I dont like it can just flip my hair to left side :]. Please let me know what you guys think thanks!

sophmore year cut about 3 inches off and bleached half of my hair blonde

junior year got extensions and ombred my hair

senior year have put extensions in it again and it just let grow



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