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Nevermind I’ll find someone like you.

This is one of the many rare time of being really personal and vunerable on here, so please be respectful of that. Even though I dont know every single one of my reader personally I feel really comfortable writing about this. Irecently heard my ex was engaged to one my former close friend. Though  I’ve completely forced myself to forget him and the damage he did to me, and I just said “whatever” to such a thing, it of course bothers me. He was my everything when we were together, if he didnt love me no one else love matter. Yea, it was THAT bad. Sad part is, he didnt really love me. I cared about him alot and I still kinda do, but I’m pretty sure I never pop in his head. However a part of me hopes that he does. Adele puts in perfectly. I’ve had this song stuck in my head all day, its literally AMAZING. And everygirl out there has or will had this feeling as well. Enjoy!

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“Doc Martens are so much more then a shoe, its a movement & empowerment”

Lately I’ve been looking for a shoe to invest in, something worth my money and love. At first I was intrested in getting a pair of taupe suede Jeffery Campble litas. Which are $250.00 average. Even if its a big steady70′ rocker platform shoe I think someone like me whose, high heel challenged would still have some trouble with them, and I know I wouldnt wear them as often as I would like. So then I kept searching and then it hit me, Doc Martens. As I told my mom I wanted a pair of “Doc’s” for Christmas she told me she had a pair of the famous patent leather black one’s when she was my age, which points out how these classic combat boots will never go out of style.  Doc Martens have been around for god knows how long, but they definately became a cult favorite in the 90’s grunge era.  They have been made the same way for the past 150 years. They werent made to be a fashionable shoe, but a workers boot for miners and construction workers since 1901’s, then got the attention of cool kids everywhere in the 1960’s. Unlike the litas, an orginal pair of Doc’s cost about $115.00 average, more bang for your buck! They’ve grown tremendously though since 1901, with now more then 15 diffrent styles of Doc’s, clothing, and accesorries, and you can design your own custom pair as well. I actually love the history of Doc Martens as much as I love the shoe itself. I know once I get my hands on a pair of these I am going to live and them and love them forever.

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I love tattoos! I always have always will, I plan on getting quite a few myself but until then I like looking at pictures and getting ideas. Here are some of my favorites…



1. Why did you name your site  I really wanted a name that people would remember and that would catch anyones attention. Those words just came to my head one day and fuzzyneonllama was born.

2. What bloggers inspire you?- I’m discovering new blogs all the time, so I don’t have many that inspire me but I do love Rumi of her blog is like the jesus of all blogs

3. whats your personal style?- my style is always changing, but I basically wear what I want and what I like. Lately I’ve been into 50’s and 90’s era clothing. On Tuesday I went to school and looked like a grunge pin up girl, it was amazing.

4. do you think your an inspirtation to other bloggers?- Uhhhh haha I really dont know. I’ve had a few friends who make a blog and tell me they only made it because they found mine, which is a great feeling but I dont want anyone to directly copy what I’ve formed on here I want them to find their own inspiration. And in a weird way I would kind of feel bad if I was their inspiration.

5. Do you have a tumblr?- NO. I will neverrrr get a tumblr, I have a love hate relationship with tumblr. Its complicated.

6. how and why did you start blogging?- my mom started blogging in my 2007 before it was a “thing”, she would blog about work and being married and being a mom. I actually loved her blog so I thought I should make a youth version of what she’s doing, and she help me create my first blog (which was

7. what do you plan to do with fuzzyneonllama in the future?- I have no idea but I have so many great ideas. I want to some how turn into a non-profit organization/apparel company/phone app. I know for sure that I want FNL to grow tremedously though

8. what do you want to do for a living?- I want to be a writer, mostly a journalist. I’m kinda also obsessed with screen writing too, especially for cartoons, the writers on most cartoons are genius.

9.what is your favorite piece of clothing?- I really dont have a favorite, again like my style its always changing.

10. who is your all time favorite artist or band?- Manchester Orchestra

11. where do you get your fashion pictures from?- as much as I hate tumblr I find pictures there, as well as (if ad on the right hand side of my blog is theirs)

12. what been your favorite interview that you’ve done?- my friends brother’s band, Crashing Paradise. Did the interview in the bed of my other friends truck behind Warehouse Live (one of my favorite venues) with my ipod nano, good times.


So a few days ago I had this really cool dream…first off all I rarely have dreams it wierd, however moving on…I had this dream and there all these amazing clothes that I would love to wear. Lots of sheer tops and menswear inspired peices and nude colors. IT WAS BEAUTIFUL, trust me. But then I woke up and realized it was real :(, but then I also realized all the clothes in my dream were not clothes that I have seen before. I might start getting back into designing. If you have been reading fuzzyneonllama since the very beginning, when it was FourteenMagazine your aware I use to want be a fashion designers, but that dream kinda just faded because I got really lazy and it was too much work to make clothes lol. Seriously though,  should I start desiging again, and if so would my reader buy my apparel? Please leave a comment :]

Hello again!

I havent posted in almost a month, no bueno! Like I expected senior year has been very busy and I’m very sad that I havent had time to write and blog with all my wonderful readers however there is a silver lining to my absence. While I was way I was thinking of a creative idea that could be interactive with FNL readers and visitors, soooo I came up with an wonderful idea. A CONTEST. If your a contast youtube geek like me you’re aware of how many youtubers have contest for their subscribers to show they care. To show how much I LOVE you guys, no seriously FREGGIN AMAZES ME everyday that people still read my little ole’ website, but anyway here it is: once FNL reaches the 50,000 views mark (which you can always find on the sidebar) I will post a contest that with consist of 2 (or 3 havent decided yet) winners of some really awesome prizes. So keep visiting the site so I can hit 50,000 and give away some free stuff :]