So a few days ago I had this really cool dream…first off all I rarely have dreams it wierd, however moving on…I had this dream and there all these amazing clothes that I would love to wear. Lots of sheer tops and menswear inspired peices and nude colors. IT WAS BEAUTIFUL, trust me. But then I woke up and realized it was real :(, but then I also realized all the clothes in my dream were not clothes that I have seen before. I might start getting back into designing. If you have been reading fuzzyneonllama since the very beginning, when it was FourteenMagazine your aware I use to want be a fashion designers, but that dream kinda just faded because I got really lazy and it was too much work to make clothes lol. Seriously though,  should I start desiging again, and if so would my reader buy my apparel? Please leave a comment :]

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