1. Why did you name your site fuzzyneonllama.com?-  I really wanted a name that people would remember and that would catch anyones attention. Those words just came to my head one day and fuzzyneonllama was born.

2. What bloggers inspire you?- I’m discovering new blogs all the time, so I don’t have many that inspire me but I do love Rumi of fashiontoast.com her blog is like the jesus of all blogs

3. whats your personal style?- my style is always changing, but I basically wear what I want and what I like. Lately I’ve been into 50’s and 90’s era clothing. On Tuesday I went to school and looked like a grunge pin up girl, it was amazing.

4. do you think your an inspirtation to other bloggers?- Uhhhh haha I really dont know. I’ve had a few friends who make a blog and tell me they only made it because they found mine, which is a great feeling but I dont want anyone to directly copy what I’ve formed on here I want them to find their own inspiration. And in a weird way I would kind of feel bad if I was their inspiration.

5. Do you have a tumblr?- NO. I will neverrrr get a tumblr, I have a love hate relationship with tumblr. Its complicated.

6. how and why did you start blogging?- my mom started blogging in my 2007 before it was a “thing”, she would blog about work and being married and being a mom. I actually loved her blog so I thought I should make a youth version of what she’s doing, and she help me create my first blog (which was fourteenmagazine.blogspot.com)

7. what do you plan to do with fuzzyneonllama in the future?- I have no idea but I have so many great ideas. I want to some how turn into a non-profit organization/apparel company/phone app. I know for sure that I want FNL to grow tremedously though

8. what do you want to do for a living?- I want to be a writer, mostly a journalist. I’m kinda also obsessed with screen writing too, especially for cartoons, the writers on most cartoons are genius.

9.what is your favorite piece of clothing?- I really dont have a favorite, again like my style its always changing.

10. who is your all time favorite artist or band?- Manchester Orchestra

11. where do you get your fashion pictures from?- as much as I hate tumblr I find pictures there, as well as lookbook.nu (if ad on the right hand side of my blog is theirs)

12. what been your favorite interview that you’ve done?- my friends brother’s band, Crashing Paradise. Did the interview in the bed of my other friends truck behind Warehouse Live (one of my favorite venues) with my ipod nano, good times.

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