first fuzzyneonllama contest ever!- POSTPONED

Here it finally is you guys , the contest will close September 25th and your only allowed to enter ONCE, please be fair and thank you for entering 🙂

One thought on “first fuzzyneonllama contest ever!- POSTPONED

  1. Elma says:

    Okay so My name is Elma Prejean of course and i Love your website Iyana i can honestly say that i visit it once a day. I got introduce to your website by you of course i cant remember how specifically but i know that i still carry the cards you made when you was going to Austin for that concert stuff in my wallet but i remember when i asked you if i could put a picture of you and your website on my personal blog cause i use to think and still do that you were so cool and beautiful(you were one of my first posts too). Okay next subject Umm something interesting about me well i know you already know this but i have a blog of my own that i devote all my time to it i have now had this blog for a year 3 months and i am now up to 5,000 post yayyy me lol but i love you and i just had to enter this contest because i have been waiting for this it seems like forever and if i dont win i still love you lol.

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