Much needed update!

So I FINALLY have some free time on my hands, but only by force because my school is incapable of putting my grades in the system on time and I’m stuck in credit recovery after school.  However, obviously some good has come out of this. Overall senior year has been way busier then I assumed, I expected to be just filling out college applications and chilling most of this time, but i have swamped college applications , scholarship applications, plus I go to an early college high school so I take more college class this year then my high school classes. I’ve just been really freakin busy! I barely had time to do the first FNL contest and I didn’t really like the way it was set up, so I’m gonna start getting back to regular blogging and vlogging and such after December. If you follow me on twitter (which of course you should!), you can keep up with my music and fashion adventures.  Recently I got a pair of Doc Marten-esque combat boots of $12!, they’re not Docs but they’ll have to do for now until I get some for Christmas. I need ideas do please send my request or post or anything really, I would love that! Oh yeah and check out one of my favorite blogger/vlogger as of now, who is literally my style icon and the coolest girl ever at Oh oh oh! And I’ve dyed my hair red 🙂

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