Monthly Archives: November 2011


I have no written in a post in forever, I miss blogging, I miss reading comments, I miss the readers, I miss having time, I miss having a life! Most of you know its my senior year and of course the end of first semester is crazy busy! It consist of college applications (almost done woo!), job applications (I have a interview tomorrow  woo!) , getting prepared for finals, finding scholarships and such, and I’m probably missing alot of information but the point is I don’t have a life anymore! Which makes me very sad because I hardly ever have time to blog anymore 😦 and my blog is literally like my baby. But I found something that kind of allows me to share whats in my head and ideas and such but much quicker. I finally got a tumblr, as much as I hated it I actually quite like it now and love how quickly I can keep readers intretsted in whats going on in fuzzyneonllama world. So please visit and follow . Like I said I miss blogging and my readers soooo much, and so sorry I havent had time, but the minutes my life is less crazy and busy I will start posting normally again! Oh yeah, and I have 63,000 blog hits. OMG THANK YOU!