Christmas Eve Bloggin’

Hello internet! So I thought I would take the time to get some blogging in while my family is currently watching football and/or playing board games. Holiday break so far has been good, I haven’t got as much sleep and relaxation as I planned because I’ve still been really busy but its still been good. Not looking forward to going back to school in a week in a half, but I’m sure my second semesester of senior year will be much easier then the first. As much as I know I’m not going to, but a little part of me still has hope that I may finally get a car for Christmas, which would just make my whole life…but I highly doubt I will. Other than that I asked for alot o clothes this year, and of course DOC MARTENS. Ohmygosh if I got them I just might cry. Its my last Christmas before I go to college so I’m definately going to enjoy being spoiled one last year. However, I also try to remember to apperciate and instill in others who forget, the real meaning of Christmas. I’m beyond blessed and incredibly grateful for the family and friends and of course AWESOME reader I have. SERIOUSLY, love you guys more and more. Well I have nothing more to say so I’m off to eat more gingerbread cookies and occupy myself until midnight when I can open presents, and find which channel will have Elf on this year (must watch holiday movie) . Merry Christmas! :]

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