Oh , pointy.

I have been obsessed with spikes, studs, or pretty much anything that looks like it could  put a puncture in the skin I’ve been oddly really into it lately. Companies like The Ragged Priest, Jeffery Campble, and even Christian Louboution have completely understood the concept this “beauty is pain” look.  The minute I saw one of my favorite youtube gurus NiaSays rocking a denim jacket with silver serious spiked studs literally covering her shoulders, like she was some sort of fashion football player, or untouchable modern female  warrior I died a little bit on the inside. A couple weeks later I saw them….Christian Louboution spiked smoking slippers., which may I add are $1900 but they are soooo beautiful I know I must get them someday.

The Ragged Priest

The Ragged Priest (photocredit goes to http://www.shopfashionfilth.blogspot.com/)

J.C. Spiked Litas look painful but so beautiful!

C.L. $1900 Studded smoking slippers

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