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Nails to die for & from!

My prom is in a week and I am super excited, I have my hair appointment booked at m.a.c., I’m getting my hair chopped off into a pixie cut the day before, I have the most beautiful bcbg max azria dress, the highest most fabulous jessica simpson heels, and the sparkliest daring accessories. The last thing I have to do is get my nails done. Now first let me explain I live in Texas, and prom night mights as well be a pageant down here every little detailed is looked out, including your nails. Everyone usually get boxy french tip acrylics nails but I want something a little different. The new trendy stiletto nails.

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Busy Bee, You & Me.

ImageHelloooo readers, sorry I’ve been gone for awhile but thanks so much for still leaving wonderful feedback and comments and OMG thank you guys so much for making fuzzyneonllama reach 100,000 views, thats cray cray! It still baffles me that people even read my blog, so the fact that I’ve hit 100,000 is ridiculous, but awesome. ALOT has been going on, number one as you can see from the picture I got my braces off after 4 years and 2 months I have perfect teeth. Numero dos I am in my last 2 weeks of high school with prom coming up in 1 week and graduation fastly approaching June 3rd….also very cray cray. Number tree, I have received this amazing scholarship for my college and I’m so happy about that. I think thats all, that should be all the information I have to share with you. Just overall life has been really good me and although this school and year has been quite rough I’m so blessed to be where I am and now and feel as happy as I do, and I blessed to have a wonderful blog with cool freakin readers!

Boredom while studying for finals….

If you can’t tell by my various frustration faces, I hate taking finals, but I hate studying for them even more. Only 27 days of high school left, woohooooooo!

Quote of the day:

“Rumors are almost always a projection of the individual who started them.”