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Being smart about stupidity

All four years of high school I did not drink, did not smoke, and did not have sex. And not because I wasn’t given the opportunity to but because I choose not to. The worst thing I ever did in high school , actually in my life was my junior year getting my belly button pierced on a school sponsored trip in costa rica without my moms permission. However the next morning I emailed her about my “rebellious” action and she simply said “that was stupid”. Those three words have had a lot more power on the descions I make more then she will ever know. I was invited to a house party on Sunday which I usually pass up because its really not my scene but i decided to go because it was for one of my closest girl friends birthday. I misinterpreted how this party was going to actually go down though and was a bit thrown off but the amount of alcohol and “Mary jane” at this party. My friend was only turning 19 and I’m pretty sure no one there was older then that other then her older brother. Long story short I didn’t drink or smoke I never have never will but everyone else around me did and it was interesting observing and analyzing different people’s reaction to how much they had to drink or how much they smoked. I will admit I smoked a little hookah but it’s something I know doesn’t have the same effect as weed and I got people off my case an keeps me relaxed. It’s stressful being the only sober one in a house full or buzzed or drunk youth, lord knows how many sets of car keys I had to hide. But back to my point after experiencing my very first crazy party and seeing what I saw I kept in mind the words “that was stupid” when I felt pressured to drink and fit in. Especially with me going to college in a month it was reassuring knowing I had control of myself and the situation around me even if everything else was out of control cause life gets stupid sometimes but I don’t have to.

My Personal Style

Image1. How would you describe your style?- Girly grunge, I love the whole 90’s look in general I wish I had oversized versions of some of the clothes I had when I was a kid

2. What are you wardrobe staples?- my striped tee shirts, floral dresses, and red lipstick

3. Most expensive item in your closet?- My bcbg max azria prom dress, it was $500 but I got it on sale for like $200 which was an amazing deal but still pretty expensive

4. Most wanted item?- Everything in Miley Cyru’s closet, and high waisted jeans

5. Favorite designer?- Marc Jacobs, Alexander Wang, & Steve Madden

6.How much do you spend on clothes?- depends on the season, during the summer I spend alot more between may and now I’ve done some damage

7. What are your favorite places to shop?- H&M, and online shopping, I recently discovered you can find some really unique things on ebay

8. Favorite fragrance?- At the moment it’s my Goose Creek’s Pinapple Citrus Candal, as for perfume Pink Chiffon by bath and body work

10. Whats your favorite way to do your hair?- I have a pixie cut so I love just letting and be and letting the elements style it, something it turns out quite nice sometimes not so much

11. What is your go-to outfit when you have no idea what to wear?- I pretty much wear striped tee shirts or blouses religiously, so that with a pair of leggings to high waisted shorts always works for me

12. One fashion trend you wish would come back or stay- Bell Bottoms, I’m pretty short but even I would rock those

13. What is your most prized possession in your wardrobe? – My doc martens, I got this about 2 weeks ago, their my babies.

Online Shopping Tips & Favorites

I use to be the type of person that could not buy something unless I saw it touched it and tried it on, I refused to every online shop. However when I faced the dilemma of my mother being extremely preggers the summer before my senior year, she wasn’t physically able to take me back to school shopping and didn’t have my license yet so I had no choice but online shop. Unfortunatelymy first experience with it was terrible, as I ordered atleast $100 worth of clothes from forever21 that never got to me no matter who I called or how much I complained, and no i never got my money back. But from that I learned the do’s & don’t of online shopping and now I can’t stop I’m kind of addicted.

Tip #1. read reviews and watch haul videos of items from that online store, say i wanted to buy something from (not a real website that i know of) I would google the site and find what videos and reviews I could find about it

Tip #2 most important thing is to find out where an online store ships their items from, their sizing chart, and how reliable their shipping is. all this info can usally can be found on the site faq page

Tip #3 know what sites sell the best of what you want, for example theres only one website I trust buying shoes from because I know how their sizing works for my feet and their shipping is fast for my area

tip #4 don’t be afraid to call a websites customer service, even if your just wondering if your items will arrive soon. Usually based off how customer service treats you, you can tell how well your items will be. Forever21 service was terrible to me but was amazing and so was their product

Tip #5 Before you check out make sure instead of the site beginning with “http” it begins with “https” the s means the site is safe and secure for you to put your information and credit card number in, if the s isn’t there dont you dare buy from them

Tip #6 Ebay and amazon are the best places of shop if you want to find a great bargain, ebay shipping tends to take longer but its usually free and amazing shipping is faster but its only a few bucks

Tip #7 Don’t be afraid to sign up for a online store news letter, yea they may send you millions of emails but every now and then those emails have exclusive coupon codes for newsletter members only

My favorite stores to shop online:






Batman movie review

There can not will not and should not be another batman movie. This one was the perfect ending to such an iconic hero. I will try not to give away too much however I am blogging this fresh out of the movies and I’m sorry if this post is too long as my mind I filled with metal notes that I want to discuss in this entire post. First off I did not want to go see the batman out of respect for the victims of the colorado movie shootings. However it was almost as of the makers of the movie knew that such an incident would happen because the overall lesson of the new batman is that anyone can be a hero and anyone can be an enemy but it’s the little hero’s that become the most praised and feared by the biggest enemies. The enemy in this batman was of course bane now I have never read the batman books or comics buy fr what I heard the character that was cast as him was pretty spot on, and I must say this bane was quite scarier then the joker or any other evil villian. Not sure why but just any time he entered a scene or spoke through that saw like contraption on his face I got chills, he knew real pain and that frightened me. The saying “hurt people, hurt people” definitely applyed to him. And next is cat woman who i thought was evil but she’s not quite evil she just has a different incentive then everyone else. I was not pleased when I heard Anne Hathaway was going to play one of the most loved crazy women because I didn’t feel like she could pull it off but she absolutely did above and beyond what I expected. Then there’s Joseph gordon Levites character as a cop I don’t remember his name but it was refreshing to see one of my favorite actors be transformed from a usually hopeless romantic humble character to a wont take no for an answer kick butt action hero cop who I was also very happy to here he was revealed as (spoiler alert!)…bat parter robin in the end. I don’t have much to say about batman Other then christian bale always plays him so well and everyone knows that. Now on to the ploy, don’t worry I wont give it away but I will say as much as I enjoyed this movie it scared me because it showed what man kind was really capable of, even though it was fiction everything that happened is completely possible. All respect to Heath ledger and his portrayal as the joker buy bane and his army and his incentives frightened me a whole lot more. Another thing I really enjoyed was batty’s new toys, people always complain how the batman doesn’t have any powers he just a billionaire with cool stuff which is true but his cool stuff is what makes him incredibly cool his bat bike and his bat plane were amazing and just when you think they wouldn’t do anymore they did. Well I think all my thoughts are done, hopefully.

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Boy Your Summer Fine

So I did this style series 2 summers ago and I so many people who loved it, so of course its become a thing on FNL, and the tradition continues. I have this obsession with mens fashions, I much rather style men then women anyday and thats where this whole idea came from. I just go on the interweb and pull my favorite pictures of super fashionable & STRAIGHT men. I’ve had a couple guys comment telling me how this has helped them become more creative with their style. Enjoy boys….and girls!

My battle with change.

I write this as I sit inside the LAX Starbucks trying to occupy myself as I recently discovered my flight back to Houston has been delayed for 3 hours. Great. On the bright side I have time to blog. My 2 week trip to California was great, got to see family hang out with old friends and be a Los Angeles tourist for the first time in my 18 years of going to California ever summer. However after 2 weeks I was kinda over it and became even more confident in my decision to stay in the lone star state for college. For a very long time I had plans to go to college in Los Angles and study fashion design and public relations. But I was also a 7th grade girl obsessed with The Hills. now as I’m an 18 year old young woman I’m going to school in Texas majoring in journalism and double minoring in fashion merch and nonprofit organization. See a big change in my life goals, huh? I never thought I would be in the position I am in today though I absolutely love that I am. The beginning of my freshmen year of high school I thought I had my whole life figured out and that my views and goals were never going to change, I didn’t want them to, I was actually terrified of change. So when my senior year of high school came around I was a mess knowing if change was going to come it was going to be then, and it sure did. I’ve obviously come to accept it, and I’m very happy that I did or I wouldn’t be who I am today. I don’t know where I’ll be this time next year or what I’ll want, but whatever it is I’ll embrace it.

The Amazing Spiderman Review

I just got home from seeing The Amazing Spiderman. I was skeptical to see it, I actually didn’t want to see it at all because I am a huge fan of the original Spiderman movie’s that were out when I was about 10 years old. Introducing a completely new Spiderman with a completely new story just seemed all too soon to me, almost like one of my child hood movies was now too lame and had to be remade. However I was offered to go to see, and I’ll admit I was curious to compare it to the movies I knew and loved. I am ashamed to say that I actually did enjoy this one a lot more. As I was sitting there I was taking mental notes the whole time knowing the minute I got home I had to blog about it. First of all let’s start with the new man in the red and blue mask, Andrew Garfield as spiderman lets just say is WAY more attractive, and unlike the old spiderman who was humble and timid Garfield is was more a cockier “I’m a genius who got bit by a spider and I’m gonna embrace it” hero. Next is Emma Stone, who I was surprised to see as Gwen not Mary Jane. If you don’t follow the Spiderman comics at all you wouldn’t get it, but if you do you would understand why Gwen is Spidey’s new leading lady. Lastly is the villain Dr. Connor who transformed into an un-named giant lizard creature trying to turn the rest of the world into such things. I’m not going to give away too much, however I did like this version more because the characters were better developed, the cinematography was incredibly vivid and realistic regardless of how many special effects were used, and there was no moment during the movie when I felt like this Spiderman was trying to copy or redo the old one’s. Someone of the same concepts and little bits  of information were still there but with a new twist. The one thing I was little disappointed about though was the famous web particles shooting out of Spidey’s wrist were from devices attached to the suit not from his body directly, and that what really defines Spiderman to me so why they changed that makes no sense. And of course one of the favorite writers ever and Spiderman creator Stan Lee made a funny little cameo as he does with all his movies. In the end I did really enjoy it, and movies like these remind me why I want to be a writer. How your imagination can be transferred to words and how those words can become this beautiful imaginative beyond creative and entertaining story.

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Style Crush:Miley Cyrus

Is it just me or has anyone else noticed the serious style swag Miss Miley Cyrus has gained recently. Maybe its her new body, her reborn career, or her recent engagement but what ever it is this girl exudes the idagf attitude with her newly defined country/punk wardrobe. Her staple high bun and combat boots are definitely far from her alter ego Hannah Montana and I’ve been definitely been trying to find my Miley Cyrus alter ego now. Officially style obsessed.

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Anti-Urban Outfitters

As much as I love Urban Outfitters I recently discovered a portion of the profits that they make off of sales goes towards an organization that discriminates against gays the originazation that Urban Outfitters supports mission is to illegalize gay marriage and create a ban across any sort of LGBT  activities. I love there close but hate what they stand for an will not be a UO customer any more. So I ask my readers to join me, however if you can not and just love that store that you cant let go when you do shop there atleast voice your opinion. Words work 🙂