The Amazing Spiderman Review

I just got home from seeing The Amazing Spiderman. I was skeptical to see it, I actually didn’t want to see it at all because I am a huge fan of the original Spiderman movie’s that were out when I was about 10 years old. Introducing a completely new Spiderman with a completely new story just seemed all too soon to me, almost like one of my child hood movies was now too lame and had to be remade. However I was offered to go to see, and I’ll admit I was curious to compare it to the movies I knew and loved. I am ashamed to say that I actually did enjoy this one a lot more. As I was sitting there I was taking mental notes the whole time knowing the minute I got home I had to blog about it. First of all let’s start with the new man in the red and blue mask, Andrew Garfield as spiderman lets just say is WAY more attractive, and unlike the old spiderman who was humble and timid Garfield is was more a cockier “I’m a genius who got bit by a spider and I’m gonna embrace it” hero. Next is Emma Stone, who I was surprised to see as Gwen not Mary Jane. If you don’t follow the Spiderman comics at all you wouldn’t get it, but if you do you would understand why Gwen is Spidey’s new leading lady. Lastly is the villain Dr. Connor who transformed into an un-named giant lizard creature trying to turn the rest of the world into such things. I’m not going to give away too much, however I did like this version more because the characters were better developed, the cinematography was incredibly vivid and realistic regardless of how many special effects were used, and there was no moment during the movie when I felt like this Spiderman was trying to copy or redo the old one’s. Someone of the same concepts and little bits  of information were still there but with a new twist. The one thing I was little disappointed about though was the famous web particles shooting out of Spidey’s wrist were from devices attached to the suit not from his body directly, and that what really defines Spiderman to me so why they changed that makes no sense. And of course one of the favorite writers ever and Spiderman creator Stan Lee made a funny little cameo as he does with all his movies. In the end I did really enjoy it, and movies like these remind me why I want to be a writer. How your imagination can be transferred to words and how those words can become this beautiful imaginative beyond creative and entertaining story.

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