Batman movie review

There can not will not and should not be another batman movie. This one was the perfect ending to such an iconic hero. I will try not to give away too much however I am blogging this fresh out of the movies and I’m sorry if this post is too long as my mind I filled with metal notes that I want to discuss in this entire post. First off I did not want to go see the batman out of respect for the victims of the colorado movie shootings. However it was almost as of the makers of the movie knew that such an incident would happen because the overall lesson of the new batman is that anyone can be a hero and anyone can be an enemy but it’s the little hero’s that become the most praised and feared by the biggest enemies. The enemy in this batman was of course bane now I have never read the batman books or comics buy fr what I heard the character that was cast as him was pretty spot on, and I must say this bane was quite scarier then the joker or any other evil villian. Not sure why but just any time he entered a scene or spoke through that saw like contraption on his face I got chills, he knew real pain and that frightened me. The saying “hurt people, hurt people” definitely applyed to him. And next is cat woman who i thought was evil but she’s not quite evil she just has a different incentive then everyone else. I was not pleased when I heard Anne Hathaway was going to play one of the most loved crazy women because I didn’t feel like she could pull it off but she absolutely did above and beyond what I expected. Then there’s Joseph gordon Levites character as a cop I don’t remember his name but it was refreshing to see one of my favorite actors be transformed from a usually hopeless romantic humble character to a wont take no for an answer kick butt action hero cop who I was also very happy to here he was revealed as (spoiler alert!)…bat parter robin in the end. I don’t have much to say about batman Other then christian bale always plays him so well and everyone knows that. Now on to the ploy, don’t worry I wont give it away but I will say as much as I enjoyed this movie it scared me because it showed what man kind was really capable of, even though it was fiction everything that happened is completely possible. All respect to Heath ledger and his portrayal as the joker buy bane and his army and his incentives frightened me a whole lot more. Another thing I really enjoyed was batty’s new toys, people always complain how the batman doesn’t have any powers he just a billionaire with cool stuff which is true but his cool stuff is what makes him incredibly cool his bat bike and his bat plane were amazing and just when you think they wouldn’t do anymore they did. Well I think all my thoughts are done, hopefully.

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