Online Shopping Tips & Favorites

I use to be the type of person that could not buy something unless I saw it touched it and tried it on, I refused to every online shop. However when I faced the dilemma of my mother being extremely preggers the summer before my senior year, she wasn’t physically able to take me back to school shopping and didn’t have my license yet so I had no choice but online shop. Unfortunatelymy first experience with it was terrible, as I ordered atleast $100 worth of clothes from forever21 that never got to me no matter who I called or how much I complained, and no i never got my money back. But from that I learned the do’s & don’t of online shopping and now I can’t stop I’m kind of addicted.

Tip #1. read reviews and watch haul videos of items from that online store, say i wanted to buy something from (not a real website that i know of) I would google the site and find what videos and reviews I could find about it

Tip #2 most important thing is to find out where an online store ships their items from, their sizing chart, and how reliable their shipping is. all this info can usally can be found on the site faq page

Tip #3 know what sites sell the best of what you want, for example theres only one website I trust buying shoes from because I know how their sizing works for my feet and their shipping is fast for my area

tip #4 don’t be afraid to call a websites customer service, even if your just wondering if your items will arrive soon. Usually based off how customer service treats you, you can tell how well your items will be. Forever21 service was terrible to me but was amazing and so was their product

Tip #5 Before you check out make sure instead of the site beginning with “http” it begins with “https” the s means the site is safe and secure for you to put your information and credit card number in, if the s isn’t there dont you dare buy from them

Tip #6 Ebay and amazon are the best places of shop if you want to find a great bargain, ebay shipping tends to take longer but its usually free and amazing shipping is faster but its only a few bucks

Tip #7 Don’t be afraid to sign up for a online store news letter, yea they may send you millions of emails but every now and then those emails have exclusive coupon codes for newsletter members only

My favorite stores to shop online:






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