Being smart about stupidity

All four years of high school I did not drink, did not smoke, and did not have sex. And not because I wasn’t given the opportunity to but because I choose not to. The worst thing I ever did in high school , actually in my life was my junior year getting my belly button pierced on a school sponsored trip in costa rica without my moms permission. However the next morning I emailed her about my “rebellious” action and she simply said “that was stupid”. Those three words have had a lot more power on the descions I make more then she will ever know. I was invited to a house party on Sunday which I usually pass up because its really not my scene but i decided to go because it was for one of my closest girl friends birthday. I misinterpreted how this party was going to actually go down though and was a bit thrown off but the amount of alcohol and “Mary jane” at this party. My friend was only turning 19 and I’m pretty sure no one there was older then that other then her older brother. Long story short I didn’t drink or smoke I never have never will but everyone else around me did and it was interesting observing and analyzing different people’s reaction to how much they had to drink or how much they smoked. I will admit I smoked a little hookah but it’s something I know doesn’t have the same effect as weed and I got people off my case an keeps me relaxed. It’s stressful being the only sober one in a house full or buzzed or drunk youth, lord knows how many sets of car keys I had to hide. But back to my point after experiencing my very first crazy party and seeing what I saw I kept in mind the words “that was stupid” when I felt pressured to drink and fit in. Especially with me going to college in a month it was reassuring knowing I had control of myself and the situation around me even if everything else was out of control cause life gets stupid sometimes but I don’t have to.

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