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College Fashion Find

I found him in my campus bookstore and my jaw dropped, I couldn’t even walk out with my massively heavy books I had to take a picture of him and his amazing shirt. Loveeee.


Laundry Room Writing

I’m write this as I sit in the community laundry room of my college hall. Yes if you haven’t heard on twitter I am offically moved into college. I have been since August 25th and I have been loving it, and classes havent even started yet. Classes start tomorow which I’m even more excited about because I get to finally jump into my major and find out how to do what I’ve wanted to do almost my whole life. There have been a few things I’ve discovered here that no one tells you. First, be prepared to walk ALOT, even the closest buildings are a long walk to a lazy student. Second, there’s no such thing as the freshmen 15 if you actually go to your classes and meet people. I have walked to so many diffrent dorm rooms, buildings, and cafeterias it is not possible for me to gain a massive amount of weight. It really isnt. Third, you have to put yourself out there. Although it is college and everyone is new this and should be open to meeting eachother, 50% of us are terrified shut ins, and 50% are too out there extroverts. Those two groups dont mix well, and so you have to be yourself and meet people and see who you click with and its okay if you don’t click with some people. Fourth, use absolutely every single resource you have even if you don’t want to. You and/or your parents are paying thousands of dollars in tuition to have everything to your free use. USE IT. Okay well that all I have for now, I think my turn on the washer is up. Bye guise!

Jeffery Campbell Is A Genuis

So if your a religious fashion/beauty youtuber watcher like I am you may have not been able to stop hearing about the Jeffery Campbell Lita Platform shoes about a year and a half ago. These were the new extreme staple shoe, then every other girl discovered these and I poop you not literally every blogger, youtuber, fashionista, and their mother has that shoe. I of course have a knock off pair as I’m not willing to splurge $170.00 for a shoe that I’m not sure how long it will stay in trend, so I opted for a $40.00 pair off ebay. However since then I have been doing research every now and then about the popular shoe designer and this Jeffery Campbell makes way more gorgeous statement shoes other then the litas, that I feel like should be equally as popular and recognized. Here are 3 pair that I would absolutely pay the full price for and that I realllly want…if I wasnt a broke college student lol. 


The Tardy’s



The Charlie’s/Woodie’s


The Rumble’s (which I also have a ebay copy cat version of them)

All JC shoes can be found on the website, or many other retailers such as Urban Outffiters, Karmaloop, Nasty Gal, and Solestuck

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James Dean <3


I’ve had an obsession with James Dean since I was forced to watch East of Eden for my brit lit class about 2 years ago, and thank goodness. Men aren’t made like this anymore, he just looks like someone took a blank canvas or stone or clay and just created a perfect looking young man. I just wanted to post this picture because I love it. That it all. 

7 Deadly Sins of Fashion

Someone asked me to film this tag awhile ago on my youtube page (my user name is anaedouard if you didnt know) but I never got to it and after sitting in my room and looking at my schedule for the next 3 weeks I’m not sure when I am so I’m just going to blog it now. Enjoy!

1. Greed: What is your most inexpensive/expensive fashion item?- my most inexpensive is a oversized off the shoulder wild fox tee shirt that I got at a thrift store for 3 dollars and my most expensive other then my prom dress are probably my doc martens. Totally worth it though.
2. Wrath: What fashion item do you have a love/hate relationship with? What item has been the hardest to get?- I definitely have a love hate thing with my obsession with faux leather leggings/pants some days they can really flattering and some days they make me look like that a elephant trapped in a balloon.
3. Gluttony: What fashion item do you have the most of? Which item do you wear the most?- Striped tee shirts/blouses, they’re just so versatile and simple and classic and easy to style.
4. Sloth: What fashion item do you neglect out of laziness?- Socks. Is that even a fashion item? Well yeah socks, I dont wear sneakers often but when I do I usually dont wear socks.
5. Pride: What fashion item gives you the most self confidence?- A pair of really bad arse high heels. Like my Jeffery Cample Lita knock offs always turn heads when I wear them cause no one in my city really wears stuff like that. I love the attention amazing heels give.
6. Lust: What attributes do you find most attractive in the opposite sex?- What does this have to do with anything!? LOL, physically I find a gorgeous smile attractive and emotionally I like someone who is really really really funny, not anyone who I have ever dated has not been freakin hilarious.
7. Envy: What item would you most like to receive as a gift?- Is it weird that I’ve always wanted someone to make me a build a bear? I’m just curious what they would make it look like for me.

10 DAYS!

The title of this post is the number of day I have left of my carefree youth. I move out of my house, out of my city and into my college. I am more then excited and at this point beyond impatient to go, but of course its bitter sweet leaving the city I’ve called home for many years and making my own way in a new place. Many people have asked me what I’m most nervous or scared of, and I have yet to have an answer and I have actually thought about it alot. There is alot to be scared of, but why should I it will just ruin the experience. Over the past 4 years especially very recently I have faced the reality the society is not the semi-perfect place I believed it to be and people are not always good. Friends are sometimes going to be fake and the universe it sometimes going to want to screw you over, but that just life. Another thing I’ve very recently come to accept and appreciate that I’m sure will help alot in college are three very important words that I’m sure I will get tattooed on me on day. LIFE GOES ON.

Current Closet Cravings

1. nude chiffon maxi skirts



2. Leopard Print Loafers



3. american apparel fitted crop tops (especially the striped one)



4. Round oversized sunglasses


5. Round toe flatforms


High school drama doesn’t end in high school.

I usually dont vent my personal issues on my blog but at the moment its 12am and I have no one to talk to. So instead of trying to get advice from someone who doesnt really understand what I’m going through i’m just going to vent it all here and hopefully I feel better. Thats basically why I love writing but anyway At the moment I feel like complete crap because of a few people. The fact that I even allow a couple people’s jabs at me upset me even more because I’m not that kind of person. It’s mostly because I live in a big sitting but when to a realllly small high school and we still kinda keep in touch via multiple social medias. It almost feels like I’m still in high school and though I graduated just this June I still don’t want that stupid high school drama and clicks and resentment still bothering and following me. I’m just really ready to move out, I’m not even scared anymore I’m just more then anything to get out of this “big city feels like small town”. I’ve always known there was nothing for me here, and where I’m going is even smaller college town, which I’m fine with because the school in HUGE and I love that. I thought high drama was suppose to end the minute I walked across the stage. Everything that happened for the past 4 years was suppose to be irrelevant, IT IS irrelevant but why does is still bother me like this?