High school drama doesn’t end in high school.

I usually dont vent my personal issues on my blog but at the moment its 12am and I have no one to talk to. So instead of trying to get advice from someone who doesnt really understand what I’m going through i’m just going to vent it all here and hopefully I feel better. Thats basically why I love writing but anyway At the moment I feel like complete crap because of a few people. The fact that I even allow a couple people’s jabs at me upset me even more because I’m not that kind of person. It’s mostly because I live in a big sitting but when to a realllly small high school and we still kinda keep in touch via multiple social medias. It almost feels like I’m still in high school and though I graduated just this June I still don’t want that stupid high school drama and clicks and resentment still bothering and following me. I’m just really ready to move out, I’m not even scared anymore I’m just more then anything to get out of this “big city feels like small town”. I’ve always known there was nothing for me here, and where I’m going is even smaller college town, which I’m fine with because the school in HUGE and I love that. I thought high drama was suppose to end the minute I walked across the stage. Everything that happened for the past 4 years was suppose to be irrelevant, IT IS irrelevant but why does is still bother me like this?

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