10 DAYS!

The title of this post is the number of day I have left of my carefree youth. I move out of my house, out of my city and into my college. I am more then excited and at this point beyond impatient to go, but of course its bitter sweet leaving the city I’ve called home for many years and making my own way in a new place. Many people have asked me what I’m most nervous or scared of, and I have yet to have an answer and I have actually thought about it alot. There is alot to be scared of, but why should I it will just ruin the experience. Over the past 4 years especially very recently I have faced the reality the society is not the semi-perfect place I believed it to be and people are not always good. Friends are sometimes going to be fake and the universe it sometimes going to want to screw you over, but that just life. Another thing I’ve very recently come to accept and appreciate that I’m sure will help alot in college are three very important words that I’m sure I will get tattooed on me on day. LIFE GOES ON.

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