Jeffery Campbell Is A Genuis

So if your a religious fashion/beauty youtuber watcher like I am you may have not been able to stop hearing about the Jeffery Campbell Lita Platform shoes about a year and a half ago. These were the new extreme staple shoe, then every other girl discovered these and I poop you not literally every blogger, youtuber, fashionista, and their mother has that shoe. I of course have a knock off pair as I’m not willing to splurge $170.00 for a shoe that I’m not sure how long it will stay in trend, so I opted for a $40.00 pair off ebay. However since then I have been doing research every now and then about the popular shoe designer and this Jeffery Campbell makes way more gorgeous statement shoes other then the litas, that I feel like should be equally as popular and recognized. Here are 3 pair that I would absolutely pay the full price for and that I realllly want…if I wasnt a broke college student lol. 


The Tardy’s



The Charlie’s/Woodie’s


The Rumble’s (which I also have a ebay copy cat version of them)

All JC shoes can be found on the website, or many other retailers such as Urban Outffiters, Karmaloop, Nasty Gal, and Solestuck

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