Laundry Room Writing

I’m write this as I sit in the community laundry room of my college hall. Yes if you haven’t heard on twitter I am offically moved into college. I have been since August 25th and I have been loving it, and classes havent even started yet. Classes start tomorow which I’m even more excited about because I get to finally jump into my major and find out how to do what I’ve wanted to do almost my whole life. There have been a few things I’ve discovered here that no one tells you. First, be prepared to walk ALOT, even the closest buildings are a long walk to a lazy student. Second, there’s no such thing as the freshmen 15 if you actually go to your classes and meet people. I have walked to so many diffrent dorm rooms, buildings, and cafeterias it is not possible for me to gain a massive amount of weight. It really isnt. Third, you have to put yourself out there. Although it is college and everyone is new this and should be open to meeting eachother, 50% of us are terrified shut ins, and 50% are too out there extroverts. Those two groups dont mix well, and so you have to be yourself and meet people and see who you click with and its okay if you don’t click with some people. Fourth, use absolutely every single resource you have even if you don’t want to. You and/or your parents are paying thousands of dollars in tuition to have everything to your free use. USE IT. Okay well that all I have for now, I think my turn on the washer is up. Bye guise!

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