Monthly Archives: September 2012

Creepers, Yay or No Way?

I am highly constantly inspired by british and old authentic punk fashion, and lately I have been doing alot of research of creepers. I actually have a pair of 90’s vintage steve madden 5 inch platform creepersthat were passed down from my mom, however I’ve worn those one and almost died. So I’m thinking about investing in a pair of 2 inch TUK creepers. However are they are a returning trend or staying fashion statement? Should I purchase them, yay or no way?


College fashion find #2

I’ve discovers how much I love people watching and looking at how everyone dresses. I went to this fashion merchandising club and this girl immediately grab my attention. She looked exactly like SJP on SITC. I feel so bad for not remembering her name but if she’s reading this hey girl and thank you for letting take a picture of you!