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Who am I , what do I wanna do?

Ever been so creatively and emotionally invested in so many things, you forgot why you started doing them in the first place? That’s how I’ve been feeling lately. As most of you know I’m in my first year of college, I’m about in the last few weeks of my fall semester and I was just so excited to start learning more about the things I want to do, I forgot why I wanted to do them. I’m a journalism major and fashion merchandising minor, and I’ve just been trying to soak in everything now, but I tend to forget I’m only 18 I’m not gonna make the deans list and get a great internship and know exactly what my future career is going to be now. I have time. When people find out how young I am they’re shocked because I’m doing so much, like all the time! I want to get back to roots and remember why I’m here and why I want to do what I want to do. It all started here, on this blog. Well not this one and old one, but my point is I’ve been neglecting what I love to do to figure out what I want to love do. I probably sound crazy, but the point is this blog will be updated ATLEAST once a week (i’ll try twice) so I can get back to doing what I love and figuring out why  love it.

“What will he do, what will he do, oh my god what will he do. why is the issue here who I am. Cause no uncle teddy who I am defines what I do” – Across the Universe

Peace, Love, Fuzzyneonllama ❤

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I have been soooo busy you guys that I just realized I completely forgot to blog about my online store. I have been working on it for almost a month now, researching, collecting pieces, designing the site, tweaking it, promoting it. Basically doing everything I can to make it perfect and known, and literally 1 hour ago I finally opened it. My blog is wear I learned how to put myself out there and let the people respond. This is the biggest project I’ve worked on and I’m so proud of it but so scared how you guys are going respond to it. Mostly because it was inspired by the amazing girls that I have become friends with here in college. They are all so unique and loving, and are these super intelligent hard working young women during the day but then vibrant outgoing girls at night, we call that they “Yaya” Side. Every girl has a Yaya, I want people to feel confident whenever they make a purchase from my online store, and let their inner Yaya come out. Ladies and gents I present Yaya Apparel at


I finally got my dream camera, a canon rebel xs. That means there are going to be alot more post with high quality pics, as well as alot more of me learning how to become a better photographer.I am so in love ❤



At the moment I’m sitting in the community kitchen watching my roommate make our dinner. A late night feast of pancakes and eggs that we are doing in celebration in surviving our first week of college exams. The adjustment has been difficult but I enjoy it. Being broke is the most difficult thing adjusting to, money comes and goes really quickly. It probably works like that in real life as well but I’m just now discovering this being a spoiled child most of my life. Other than that life has been good. I joined the fashion merchandising organization at my school and making me question if i really want to be in the fashion industry, but college is for learning what you like and don’t like. Right? In good news I recently purchased a Canon Rebel XS SLR camera on amazon and i am sooooo excited, because if you’ve been reading my blog for a long time you know i look at SLR cameras online like porn and now i finally purchased one! Expect a lot of my photography on here very soon. Um, what else is going on, I definitely plan on moving into an apartment next year as I’m discovering the dorm rooms are NOT for me. So I’ll be back to regular posting next month, thank you so much to my readers for sticking with me. I for real love you guys :,)

10 little secrets

So sad i havent had time to blog as often as I would like to so heres just another questions and answers and post. much needed update coming soon!
1- What is one product that makes you feel like a million dollars?
mascara. my eyelashes are naturally really long and curly so i love to make them stand out even more.
 2- What is your skincare secret? / A passed down skin care tip?
Research! anything that i put on my face i put tons of research into. I have super sensitive skin so it doesn’t hurt to be cautious. My mom taught me how important taking care of your skin is and showed me all this sciene about skin and pores and it grossed me out so i always take good care of it.
 3- Share your hair care secret?
i dont wash my hair everyday, only once a week or every other weekend. my hairs natural oils keep my super dry frizzy air tamed longer
 4- What is your biggest diet rule?
i’m a vegetarian, best decisions I’ve made for myself in my entire life.
 5- Any workout tips?
don’t workout cause you wanna get skinny workout because you want to feel good
 6- Which perfume is your secret weapon?
Versace’s bright crystal perfume
 7- Show us a clothing item of yours which always turns heads?
my shiny faux leather leggings
 8- What is your most treasured piece of jewelery?
a rose ring my mom gave me
 9- Who is your style crush?
i have loved the olsen twins since forever, and most recently miley cyrus
10- Tell us something we dont know about you?
im a shopaholic, well maybe you already knew that lol