At the moment I’m sitting in the community kitchen watching my roommate make our dinner. A late night feast of pancakes and eggs that we are doing in celebration in surviving our first week of college exams. The adjustment has been difficult but I enjoy it. Being broke is the most difficult thing adjusting to, money comes and goes really quickly. It probably works like that in real life as well but I’m just now discovering this being a spoiled child most of my life. Other than that life has been good. I joined the fashion merchandising organization at my school and making me question if i really want to be in the fashion industry, but college is for learning what you like and don’t like. Right? In good news I recently purchased a Canon Rebel XS SLR camera on amazon and i am sooooo excited, because if you’ve been reading my blog for a long time you know i look at SLR cameras online like porn and now i finally purchased one! Expect a lot of my photography on here very soon. Um, what else is going on, I definitely plan on moving into an apartment next year as I’m discovering the dorm rooms are NOT for me. So I’ll be back to regular posting next month, thank you so much to my readers for sticking with me. I for real love you guys :,)

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