Confession of a Shoeaholic

If your not part of the youtube fashion/beauty community then you’re probably not aware of what tags are, but their basically just a series of question that go around to each youtube guru. I’m not a youtube guru AT ALL so I dont know how I was tagged, but I havent had time to film but I really like this tag so I’m just gonna write about it instead.

1. Do you prefer heels or flats?- if I had to choose one to wear the rest of my life probably heels, cause I’m more comfortable being overdressed then under dressed for anything.
2. what are your go to shoes?- My doc martens, if I dont know which shoe to wear I wear those. They somehow just work with everything in my closet.
3. what is your favorite shoe trend at the moment?- My favorite shoe trend right now are really creative unique cool looking boots, both flat and heeled variations.
4. what is your least favorite shoe trend?- my least favorite are the UNIF shoes, they dont even look like shoes they look like costumes, and the platform sneaker. Just no.
5. what is your most expensive shoe?- my most expensive right now are my Jefferey Campbell black crochet litas which were actually on sale for $113.00 when I bought them. But I’m in the process of selling these cause I ordered the spiked ones literally an hour ago.
6. what are your most wanted pair of shoes?- The Steve Madden Madhouse Booties are sitting in my wishlist just waiting for me, but they’re so pricey!
7. most embarrassing shoe story?- When I started wearing heels and started dating about my sophomore year of high school I went on a date with a very good looking guy and I was so nervous and a wore my brand new pair of VERY uncomfortable ankle boots that had 4 inch stiletto heels, and twisted my ankle walking in front of him. I twisted my ankle really badly too, it was just so bad lol.
8. pick a shoe and share a story?- When I was in the process of trying to find a pair of doc martens I was looking on ebay constantly, and my now ex-boyfriend who was pretty wealthy wanted to buy them for me but I didn’t let him. However a month later we broke up, and were not on good terms and he kept talking about how I would never get those shoes now because I wasn’t with him. But I promised myself I would get them to prove I didn’t need him, and I did and I still dont need him 🙂
9. how many shoes do you own?- Oh my, no idea. Half my shoes are here in my dorm, and the rest at home. And I’ve bought more shoes since being here so no clue.
10. when was the first time your wore heels?- Since I was like 3, I wore lipstick and heels like a boss. My mom’s friends were concerned lol.
11. how much do you usually spend on shoes?- a year ago I would’ve told you know more then $30 but now that I’m older I’m learning if I should invest in anything its shoes because the higher the price the better the quality is so recently I can justify spending about $30 to $120 on shoes
12. where are your favorite places to buy shoes?- DSW, Target,, and
13. do you have a pair of shoes you regret buying?- I bought a pair of Jeffery Campbell tardy’s about a month ago from for $80 and they were originally $180 so I jumped on it, but about 2 weeks ago they were marked down even lower to $50. I really wish I waited, I like getting the best deal possible.
14. what are your favorite pair of shoes?- my favorite pair of shoes right now are a pair of ked like sneakers I got at target on clearance for $4.00 they’re so comfortable and I can just slide them on. I’m really lazy in the morning, shoes that dont involve me to tie them are just awesome lol


One thought on “Confession of a Shoeaholic

  1. I want to agree with question #3-What is your favorite shoe trend. I love boots and booties of every heel height, color and fabric. I wish I could wear them all year round without looking psycho.

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