Music Review: OFWGKTA

If you weren’t aware of OFWFKTA (odd future, wold gang, kill them all) I’m about to make you aware because I literally have not been able to stop listening to him for the past 4 days. I may be late on the OFWGKTA band wagon but I don’t care I really like the whole sound of the Odd future gang, and the story behind them. They’re just a bunch of friends from Los Angeles who were sick of hearing the same type of rap music about money and cars and hoes and decided to change that. As my pandora station like to describe them as ” if Wu Tang Clan had skateboarded & rhymed about drugs & gore instead of chess and kung-fu”, which is very accurate. Last week I saw an anncouncement on my college campus that they were coming to town and I was looking for some music sink my teeth into anyway so I decided to give them a try and I’m glad I did. If you don’t have a open mind and not into dark witty metaphors your not going to like them and just think they sound demonic and scary however to me thats not the case. Some of their lyrics are a little scary but  I like it because its so diffrent. I never listen to rap (unless its old school) because its all the same and has really stupid materialist egotistical content. OFWGKTA raps about teenage problems and feeling alone and lost and crazy but adds a sense of humor to it without distasteful but more physiological. My favorite person out of the whole wolf gang is of course the founder Tyler the Creator, now he’s only 20 but has built this musical empire and makes all the beats, which are so DOPE. I would highly recommend his album Goblin and the songs, Sandwiches, Yonkers, Radicals and Transylvania are my favorite. OFWGKTA is doing a Texas tour all throughout December so if you live in Texas I would definitely suggest going to see them 

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