It’s 2013 WHOA.

Does it finally being 2013 make anyone else feel hella old, or is it just me? I’ve survived like 5 supposed end of the worlds, and I’m still here that a major accomplishment if I say so myself. I’ve finally reached the point in my life where I feel like an adult, which is weird because my whole child hood I couldn’t wait to be a grown up and now that I’m 18 and in college and have adult responsibities its not as fun as I thought. However I can’t complain because I’ve had alot of fun and blessings come into my life in 2012 and hope for that to continue in 2013. So here are my 2012 goals, because resolutions are so last year lol.

– make deans list

– maintain and healthy diet and exercise

– stop spending so much money/save more money

– grow my hair out

– get my drivers license and save for my own car

– intern during the summer

– travel more/ study abroad

– have my writing and/or photography published

– dedicate more time to my blog

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