Much needed update!

Hey internet! It has been quite awhile since I have posted anything and truly apologize .Not only to my readers but to my self as well, I have not written anything for pure enjoyment in a long time. I’m now in the middle of my second semester of my freshmen year of college and it is HARD. Due to not having the grades that I need to stay in my program last semster I have been literally working my butt off. No, seriously, along with my core classes I’m taking an aerobic dance class as an elective so my butt it slowly but surely coming off, yay! I’m just counting down to spring break thought, because once again I will be in Austin during south by south west. This year I don’t have passes to the event itself but I will be at some of the shows happening down there, and as always will be exploring the wonderful weird city itself. Anyway my main purpose of this post was just to say sorry for not posting anything in awhile and inform ya’ll that because of my crazy busy schedule, I will not have the time to keep this blog up and running constantly like I use to. So until next time . . . I dont have a catchy exit line yet for this blog, I should work on that.

Love, fuzzyneonllama ❤

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