Spring Closet Cravings

With spring fastly approaching I am getting my self phsycially and mentally prepared for the joys of very warm Texas weather. I hate winter with a passion, and now that I go to college in north texas I realllly hate weather, I have discovered what “freezing my butt off” really means. Anyway I love the sun and I am so excited for it to be warm again, not only to have feeling in my fingers and toes but also to dress more for cuteness and not comfort. Lately my usually edgy style has been gravitating to a lighter look that I like to call “southwestern hippie grunge”. Here a few peices that I’ve been dying to add to my closet to accomplish this look and get ready for spring:

1. kimono jacket



 I recently learned that in the 1920’s women who wore kimono jackets were the most fabulous, it gave off the impression that they were adventurous and bold which maybe we I want one so bad but other than that I feel like they are a great easy way to turn a plain outfit into effortlessly chic

2. Dolce Vita Ankle Booties 


I have been obsessed with dolce vita shoes forever, and recently I have been dying to get my hands on her ankle booties, particularly the “Jax” . 

3. Fringe handbag


This bag so reminds of the 60’s and I love it, every single purse I own is very structured and a fringe bag is alot more loose and flowy to go with the spring time carefree attitude but in no way looks messy or sloppy. 



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