My 3 Fashion Icons.

My style is always changing, I can never just stick to one look for a long period of time. I’m a gemini and were known for having multiple personalities, which is definitely not a bad thing when it comes to fashion. Currently my closest consist of the clothing inspired by Rachel Zoe, Whitney Port, and Miley Cyrus and here’s why…

1. Miley Cyrus embodies the new generation of California cool. Cali girls use to be known for their coachella-esque style but not its all about pulling off really masculine and basic pieces  and making them look so hot and femine. Because of Miley I have added alot of beanies and camo into my closet.




2. Whitney Port use to be the poster girl for California cool, however since her move to New York city to become a designer her sense of style has taken on a downtown New Yorker vibe and I really like it. It’s like she can throw on whatever it doesn’t even have to match and it still looks amazing and put together. Oversized sweaters and printed dresses in my closet are Miss Port’s doing. 







3. Rachel Zoe. OMG I DIE for her! She is the queen of over the top fashion done right, fur, drag queen heels, over sized denium, chunky accesories. Who wouldn’t want to dress like rachel zoe. She’s the reason I now have blue and gray faux fur vest in my closet and I love it! Oh how can I not mention how amazing she is as a designer! 





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One thought on “My 3 Fashion Icons.

  1. fashion icon says:

    Amazing. Thank for sharing.

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