Young Relationships.

Every woman says how she has been planning her wedding since she was a little girl, well when I was a little girl I was planning my future traveling around the world as a fashion designer/vet/princess who didn’t need a man. Then when I got into my preteen years I developed this thought that I would be a super successful career woman who had everything she wanted expect a man and that’s how I ended warming up to the idea of boys and dating them. Then came high school…lets just say I went through ALOT pertaining to relationships. Overall from my high school relationships I learned a lot about myself and what I did and didn’t want in a man. So now I’m a freshman in college, and now is the time to  apparently to start looking for a potential husband or at least figuring out what I want in a husband. What’s funny is I have legit drop dead for real been proposed to twice and this was all before I turned 18, and I’m glad I said no because you never marry your first love. However now is also the time where alot of people from my high school are getting engaged or moving in with their bf/gf and I’m over here just like “hey wall…. you love me right?”. Young relationships are so crazy I don’t understand how its possible to know someone is the “one”. However I do somewhat understand as well because when your young thats the time there aren’t many obligations, whatever decisions your making to be with someone your making it because you want to not because you feel obliged to. For the longest time I had set my age to get married at 19, but now I can’t imagine doing such a thing. I admire those who do though. 

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