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Schoooools Out For Summaaaa!

Hello internet! So as you may have guessed that I am now finished with my spring semester of college yay! Thank you JEEZSUH, that I made it through. Finals week literally almost killed me. Its been a rough first year of college, there have been some ups and downs but I’m very proud of myself for working hard and not giving up. Even though this was my first of college I will be a junior next semester because I took many college classes during high school, so I don’t have much longer, double yay! I’m super excited for what is yet to come for me. I have a good feeling about my future. See here’s my plan (at the moment) after I graduate high school I plan on moving to Austin, Texas full of creative and innovative people and network, find a job I love, and just enjoy myself. After being there for a while and making my mark there, I’m going to move to Los Angeles, California and just continue doing what I love but just take it to the next level until I’m satisfied with the result. I’ve always felt like LA is the place for me to be, I grew up in California half of my life it only make sense. I just want to write books, and take pictures, and travel, and meet people, and fall in love, and just be in love with life. But first I have to graduate hah. For now I’m just going enjoy my very relaxed summer. I’m not traveling alot  or worrying about anything other than furnishing my apartment. Expect alot of post coming up, and I’ll blog ya later 🙂 

Album Review: WOLF x Tyler The Creator


Hey you guys so I am suppose to be finishing my study guide for my geology final I have in about 9 hours, however in the midst of my all nighter I’m bound to get distracted and procrastinate. Like almost every other student I listen to music when I study, and for the past 2 weeks I’ve been listening to the new Tyler The Creator Album titled WOLF. A few months back I did a whole post on my discovery and obsession with Odd Future, so I was pumped we I heard a new album for Tyler was coming out. The first song he released was Domo, and teaser of Bimmer. With those along I was even more pumped for the album. Not only because my favorite singer Frank Ocean was featured on the album, but also The beats were new and creative, and the lyrics were as always relatable in a “confused emotional weird crazy teenager” sort of way, which I always am. More than anything I apperciate the beats Tyler makes, they are literally like nothing I have ever heard, I can’t imagine how much work went into making them. =As for lyrics I feel like alot of different people could relate to his lyrics if they really listen. Overall I really enjoy the album, its different but not too different its very Tyler and he talks about the things he always does, girls, his dad, growing up, his view on the world, hanging out with friends. He stays true to himself and Odd Future on this album, but listeners can tell he’s growing as an artist, and that this album is for his fans. If you’re a fan of chill head bobbing music, with sick beats I would definitely suggest it. And if you have never listened to Odd Future before listen to the other albums first, and then you’ll really understand this one. My favorite songs on this album are “cowboy” , “48” , “Bimmer”, & “IFHY” .

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Current Playlist

Backseat Freestyle by Kendrick Lamar

Right Girl by The Maine

Ungodly Fruit by Wax Tailor 

IFHY by Tyler The Creator

Kiss with a Fist by Florence & The Machine

Resentment by Beyonce

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B&W Photoshoot.

Someone of you may or may not know I’m studying journalism and photography at my university. It starting become warm outside again and I’m taking full of advantage of it. As a photography student I’m constantly taking the time when I can to build my portfolio. My friend modeled for me as I practiced my skills with shooting in black in white, and using shadows. 







(all these photos are my property use of these on any other website is not allowed without my permissions  if you don’t ask for permission legal action could be taken. Thank u. )

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Recent Inspirations.

Hello again! So I know it has a been far too long since I have written a post, I have been very busy with school, and I have finals next week. However I’m giving myself a much needed break tonight & have been on my favorite blogs & youtube channels becoming re inspired. 

I love this simple, somewhat mens inspired look for spring. I recently thrifted a pair of distressed oversized jeans and havent been able to stop wearing them. I cant wait to pair them with a pair of heels. 


I can not stop watching this girls videos! I literally subscriber to her channel yesterday and have spent 90% of today watching her videos and reading her blog. I loveeeee her style!

TarMar’s blog:

TarMar’s lookbook video:


I’m very picky about where I choose to online shop, and I usually stick to what I know and love. But after hearing so much hype about I decided to give it a look and loved almost everything I saw. If I wasn’t a broke college student trying to stay on a budget I would probably have a shopping binge on that site. 


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